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23. Graduate student in Chicago studying marketing. Gryffindor with an ambitious streak. Serious case of wanderlust.

"We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better."


11:04 pm, 4 & 11, @(*0*)@, aaahh!!! real monsters!, aerobics and working out, analyzing dreams, ancient egyptian history, animals & animal rights, attempting to cook decently, baby names, backpacking europe, being left-handed, believing it isn't butter, biting my nails, blue prints, bunny ears method, camping and cooking outdoors, canon rebels, chicago cubs, chloe perfume, chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate w/ almonds, class of 2006!, clicking marker caps, collecting ty beanie babies, competition, composing long lists, corned beef and cabbage, cuddling, dancing like nobody's watching, debating, decorating and designing houses, deep dish chicago pizza, doggy paddling, double-stick tape, drawing on fruit, elegant dinners, europe, expanding my dvd collection, flip flops, france, french, friends, getting mail, girls' night out, giving and/or receiving massages, glass is half-full, green eyes, guacamole, hand pool, harry potter, hating lemon chicken, having original livejournal interests, heads over tails, hermione granger, hey arnold!, holding hands, hugs, imagination and make-believe, improving my chess game, international relations, italian food, itching my throat, j.k. rowling, jumping rope crazy-like, june 30th, karma in my favor, keeping up appearances, kisses, laughing till i cry, lemon volleyball, littlest pet shops, london, looking my best, lord of the rings, lost, love, marketing, meaningful conversations, most reality tv shows, movies, mozzarella cheese, music, nanowrimo, never letting go, new york city, old sitcom re-runs, old wives' tales, oldschool nickelodeon, olive garden's lemon creamcake, oral-b satin floss, orbit sweet mint gum, organic food, pandora radio, paris, perfecting little details, perfume and body spray, photography, pirates of the caribbean, planning for the future, playing the violin, polly pockets, protecting the environment, psychoanalysis, quirky superstitions, reading, romance, ron weasley, ron/hermione, sarcasm and wit, searching for four-leaf clovers, self-discovery, setting goals for myself, seventy five degree weather, shaking carbonated beverages, shuffling my ipod music, slightly bending the rules, sniffing whiteboard markers, soul mates, splurging on clothes, spraying whipped cream, spying like harriet, studying handwriting and fingerprints, swimming during thunder storms, swooning over things, talking to myself, the 90's, the bloomerang, the lion king, the office, the olympics, the world wildlife fund, titanic, tornadoes, traveling, vinegar-n-oil turkey sub sandwiches, vintage typewriters, wait till next year!, whose line?, wildlife conservation, witch stories and folklore, wizard of oz, writing long stories/reviews, xoxoxoxo